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Business and Employment Law

The firm assists clients with business formation, mergers, acquisitions, and financing. We also advise clients on corporate obligations, such as duties to minority shareholders and director and officer liability. The Firm assists clients with the negotiation of commercial leases and the purchase commercial real estate. In addition, the Firm drafts and negotiates employment agreements, designs employment policies and procedures, conducts compliance audits, and provides employment law advice. We counsel clients on issues relating to compensation, employment discrimination, employment screening, wage and hour laws, employee discharge, and workers' compensation. The firm litigates cases in federal and state courts involving contract, employment, insurance, and tort claims.

The firm has extensive experience in all aspects of energy-related transactions, including but not limited to wholesale power sales agreements, retail purchase transactions, equipment purchase transactions, transmission agreements, fuel purchase agreements, operating and maintenance agreements, and the financing of electric generating unit construction.

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